Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dodgeball in PE Class

I disagree with inducting dodgeball into any kind of Hall of Shame. Dodgeball has always been one of my favorite PE activities for a variety of reasons. It's extremely active and motivates kids to move around in a unique way. If there are students who are unable to throw or catch the ball go over pointers with the whole class to not single them out but still make sure they get the knowledge. It's the way that most teachers run dodgeball that is the problem. You shouldn't just roll the balls out and say "play" without any explanation. Maybe start the first day off by teaching the students and helping them with anything they are having problems with. The biggest issue I have is when people say we shouldn't play dodgeball because of what it does to a child's psyche. That it may hurt their feelings or put them in an uncomfortable situation. Our job as PE teachers is not to shield our students from what the world is really like or be the source of their self esteem. The many perspectives of dodgeball from being the best to being the worst are no different than those the students face in the hallways or outside of school. I believe too many people are trying to get behind the "wussification" of America. Students are supposed to run around and get hurt from time to time. It's not like the game is any more dangerous than anything else. Everyone needs to learn how to deal with things like humiliation and people are just trying to make sure kids never experience any kind of negative situations anymore.

Monday, September 19, 2011

St. Mary's Lab 1

After observing the students in the school I learned much about what they were capable of doing. My time there was very enjoyable and look forward to returning! This was the first Lab

Assignment 1

Fundamental skill development is pivotal to understand and promote. Fundamental skills are the building blocks upon which all other skills are based off from. If you teach a child to catch a ball and everything that goes into that. Then they can use that skill is similar activities and build off from it. The same idea applies to basic motor development such as walking, jumping, an moving around in general. Teachers need to be ever aware of ways to help develop these necessary skills. They can do this by shaping the activities or environment to incorporate a wide range of different movements. A teacher must be willing to adapt activities to fit children who may be lacking in skill or just take longer to develop. The more skills they learn as a child the easier it will be for them to learn new skills when they grow up.

( This is a list of position statements made by the official PE organizations. It is very clear from what they say that they want every child to have excellent opportunities to grow and have PE class. "NASPE believes that physical education is critical to educating the whole child, and that all students in grades K-12 should receive physical education on a daily basis" This statement I believe really shows how important NASPE thinks PE is and what a vital role it plays in the development of students.   By making the child dribble two balls at once he is developing both physically and mentally. It takes concentration and brain power to focus on keeping both balls going. It also teaches the muscles how to work together and expands muscle memory. These skills will be very helpful later on, especially for hand eye coordination